Leadership Quotes From Our 2017 Most Powerful Women Award Winners

Stuck in a summer slump? Take inspiration from this year’s Most Powerful Women Award winners and get those gears turning again. These are women who, by their success, encourage others to follow, be ambitious and to succeed. We’ve gathered five impactful quotes from our 2017 winners, sure to inspire and empower you to go forth and conquer.
  1. Believe in Yourself

“I think in terms of standing out, an ability to believe in yourself is absolutely crucial. So often, particularly as women, we have imposter syndrome [feelings of inadequacy and self-doubt]. We’ve got to stop believing that somebody else deserves something more that we do.”  – ALISON COWZER // CO-FOUNDER, EAST COAST BAKEHOUSE // 2017 ENTREPRENEURS
  1. Take Risks

“It’s important that women know that if they fall off the horse, they can get back on. Not every risk is going to lead to success, but it doesn’t matter because you learn more from your failures than you do from your successes.” – LUCY GAFFNEY // CHAIRPERSON, COMMUNICORP // 2017 BUSINESS LEADERS
  1. Let Setbacks Breed Resilience

Founding a business has not been easy but I have never looked back since. The best advice I received was that ‘there is no such thing as failure, only opportunities you have and will learn from.’ I’ve learned so much from the things that haven’t gone right the first time round and they have ultimately made me more driven to do the best I can in future.” – CIARA CLANCY // CEO, BEATS MEDICAL // 2017 FUTURE LEADERS
  1. Build an A+ Team

“Recruit people on to your team who are genuinely different to you, with complementary skills, and who can provide you with really diverse perspectives. Ten Bronwyns sitting around a boardroom table is not a good idea – believe me, I know, because in the early years I tried it! My current leadership team is made up of nine different nationalities from three different continents, and I find it so enriching to work with such a diverse group of people.” – BRONWYN BROPHY // VP, EARLY TECHNOLOGIES EMEA, MEDTRONIC // 2017 HALL OF FAME 
  1. Seek Female Mentors and Allies

“Over the last few months, I have thought of all the people who have inspired, nurtured and supported me over the years, both personally and professionally. A common thread appears – that those who have made the biggest and most lasting impact are women. And many of these women have been pioneers – telling stories from an outsider’s perspective and living their lives on the margins and peripheries. They have forged a different pathway – creating their own rules, leading by example and through collaboration, and taking risks. . . . And their example has empowered, encouraged and inspired me to be bolder and braver.”  – SELINA CARTMELL // ARTISTIC DIRECTOR, GATE THEATRE // 2017 ARTS, SPORT & ENTERTAINMENT

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